Why BI?

Why Business Intelligence (BI)? What do you need it for? Do you have to have it?


Most of all, Business Intelligence allows you to get the maximum benefits from the data available in the organization.


The source of the system is a data warehouse, which collects information from various areas and systems of the company (including those stored in user files). The data undergo a process of purification and integration, to ensure their consistency and optimizing their structure in terms of analysis and reporting. The heart of our Business Intelligence solutions is a multidimensional database in which data is combined into a logical and coherent whole.

Have you ever been in a situation when:

  • You waited for the report, data, analysis?
  • You wanted to refresh the data you received, but it required the involvement of other people?
  • You wanted to further filter, refine, the data you received but it was not possible?
  • You could not get the necessary data, because generating them would put an excessive load on the source system?
  • You wanted to share your own reports with other people?
  • Different people presented different results from the same area?
  • The people you share reports with were to see data in the same layout, but limited area, which required your additional work time?
  • You were not sure if the data you were working on presented what you wanted to analyze?
  • Adding new elements to the reports was time-consuming or even impossible?
  • You wanted to extract data in a specific form and layout, but it turned out that it was not possible?
  • Due to lack of access to data, you have not been able to achieve your business goals?
  • Due to lack of access to data, you were not able to react adequately to risks?

THE ANSWER IS Business Intelligence

  • The data you need will always be “at hand”, always up to date
  • Depending on your business needs, you will receive a report based on online data or data periodically updated
  • You can always filter and analyze the data in different contexts
  • Reporting does not affect the performance and speed of your production systems
  • Everyone in your organization will gain access to one coherent data source
  • Each person will have access to the data in the scope in which they should have
  • One data source will be verified simultaneously by the entire organization, which will exclude the possibility of having errors in the data
  • New analysis and reporting needs will be met very quickly. All changes will be visible immediately to all users of our Business Intelligence solution

Our Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are more than just reports and analyzes!

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