Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence?

From the business point of view, BI – data warehouse is a key element of the entire IT system. It is on the basis of data from Business Intelligence (BI) systems companies make their most important decisions.

It is crucial for the reporting system to be efficient and flexible to quickly respond to the changing environment of the organization.

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  • made-to-measure solutions
  • all reports and analyzes created on the basis of one –coherent data source
  • our data is certain, reliable and always on time
  • frequent data refreshing
  • no load on the ERP system
  • a long term experience of our consultants

Why BI?

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How does it work?

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Our Businnes Intelligence (BI) solutions are more than just  reports and analyzes!

Layer of data collection and integration

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Robust, effective and reliable database engine. With the help of the data replication mechanism, we offload the source systems.

It automates the process of cleaning, processing and loading data to a data warehouse.

A tool for creating multidimensional databases used during reporting.

Layer of data presentation

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Creating advanced dashboards allows for interactive exploration and data mining. It enables data integration from various sources, and integration with Office 365 and SSRS.

The main analytical tool are pivot charts and tables, which derive data from one source.

A tool for creating and viewing reports with complex and advanced business logic.

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Creating interactive reports and dashboards that allow you to drill through and explore data.

An alternative to Excel. Building pivot tables and creating budgets. It enables reports access management and work sharing.


We know that there are no two identical clients (at least we have not met one). That is why we never offer two identical Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. The implementation process is always adjusted to your specificity. Together, we agree on what is necessary, we analyze the processes taking place in the organization and suggest new solutions. We offer necessary and recommended changes in Comarch systems. Often when working on BI, we work in a broader context – available data from other areas of the enterprise. All of this and more, to maximize the benefits from existing data.

Business Intelligence is a powerful tool that satisfies many analytical needs. Often, based on a multidimensional OLAP database the pivot tables themselves  replace a significant part of previously used reports by analyzing the data to a completely different level.


Business Intelligence IS INDISPENSABLE


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SUSTAINING Business Intelligence

In most cases, the implementation of the BI system in the organization unleashes an avalanche of questions and needs

We want more …, Can we show … How to learn more about …

Users learn what Business Intelligence (BI) is and what great benefits it brings. The management gains access to always up-to-date data. Everyone works on the same data source. Ease and speed of access to data, the speed of implementing changes, the possibility of interactive refining of reports and data drill-through, new possibilities that have not been available so far. All this makes clients want more and that in turn brings new ideas of how BI can be used in new ways .

Over the years of working as a customer (in IT departments), as well as service providers (implementation companies), we have developed a concept thanks to which we do not charge license fees for using our product (One BI). We strive to make our product grow with the organization and react to the changing environment of the client. We adhere to the principle that the only thing we charge our clients for is our worktime.

Business Intelligence – for which systems

BI for Comarch ERP XL

Comarch ERP XL is a functionally fully-developed ERP class system, which is characterized by a flexible modular structure. The system’s functionalities are grouped in a several cooperating areas.

BI for SAP

A pioneer in the field of ERP software. An unquestionable market leader.

BI for Symfonia

A group of ERP systems covering areas such as Finance and Accounting, Sales, HR Management.


A world-class tool for handling ticketing, used among others by NASA, KFC or IBM. This tool helps collecting, registering and solving problems, reported by email, phone or customer portal.

BI for Comarch Optima

Comarch ERP Optima is the most popular program in Poland created for small and medium-sized companies from any industry. Thanks to the built-in solutions, it is the most frequently chosen software used by accounting offices and tax advisors.

BI for Comarch Optima Kadry Płace

The HR and payroll department services require constant monitoring of the changing labor law and social security regulations.
Thanks to regular updates, prepared by Comarch experts, taking into account all the changes, the Payroll and HR module provides instant response to changing requirements.

BI for AutoStacja

The AutoStacja program, targeted at the automotive industry, was based on solid, 20 years of experience. It is safe to say that it is one of the best-designed and most functional DMS systems in Poland.

BI for Ferrodo

A package of programs supporting management in commercial and production enterprises.

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