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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP class systems support business management, by collecting and integrating data of all areas of the organization.

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Business Inteligence (BI) – data warehouse is the key element of the entire IT system. It is on the basis of data from Business Intelligence systems that the most important decisions in companies are made.


Open Technology Real Services (OTRS) – is a world-class tool for handling ticketing, used among others by NASA, KFC or IBM. This tool helps collecting, registering and solving problems, reported by email, phone or customer portal.

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The foundation of One Support are specialists in the IT industry, with many years of experience in building and running IT projects. However, their knowledge does not end at the broadly understood IT area. What makes us different is the experience in coaching, change management and team management.

Our main goal is to understand problems and needs of our clients and to present a solution that will allow for sustainable development. This approach guarantees gaining a competitive advantage, and thus enable the customer to develop the potential and turn it into success. We guide our clients through the process of changes from the beginning to the end. We not only consult but also implement the proposed solutions.

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