Highly efficient management of any number of tickets.

Open Technology Real Services (OTRS) is a world-class tool for handling ticketing, used among others by NASA, KFC or IBM. This tool helps collecting, registering and solving problems, reported by email, phone or customer portal. Each ticket receives its own identification number, thanks to which all events in the ticket are grouped into a unique thread.

This system uses classic e-mail boxes. Thanks to them, tickets can be automatically allocated in specific repositories – queues to which specific agents can be assigned (those responsible for solving the problem). Each ticket can be transmitted between agents and queues.

OTRS is extremely flexible in configuration and customization to the needs of users. There are over 1,000 configuration options. For each window you can add additional, dynamically defined fields. In addition, you can install gift packages in OTRS, adding non-standard functionalities such as: FAQ database, and a module for tickets management according to ITSM. If the standard is insufficient, thanks to the open license, there is a possibility to freely modify the standard, and build your own modules.

OTRS is a completely free solution based on the GNU Affero General Public License. Thanks to this, you do not have to incur any additional expenses apart from the cost of the hardware infrastructure. As an operating system, all you need is free Linux. The database system is usually free MySQL or PostreSQL.


OTRS przegląd zgłoszenia z historią
OTRS Pulpit główny
OTRS lista aktywnych zgłoszeń

OTRS is based on GNU Affero General Public License, and is a solution completely free-of-cost that can be freely modified.

Why OTRS from One Support?

OTRS is an extremely flexible system, and the possibilities of its configuration are enormous. As a standard it is possible, for example:

– make use of dynamic fields – for each window,  to each form, customizable fields can be added.

– apply filters – it is possible to filter on almost every field in the portal. Such a filter can be saved and used in subsequent searches.

– integrate with the external service – using RegEX expressions, you can join e-mail messages from external services into one thread.

– use the customer portal – a separate dedicated portal in which the client can check the status of his tickets, report a new one or add a note.

– create conditions by which tickets will be pre-assigned, to queue, agent, status …

– add and delete columns from a list

– create automatic responses to specific actions carried out within the ticket.

– many more

OTRS sandwich

We always strive to make the most of the extremely flexible standard  that OTRS provides us with. Hence, when updating the version, we do not face the problem of having to update non-standard add-ons. This approach makes the client independent of the implementing company and gives a sense of security and comfort.

Here in One Support, we also work on the OTRS system. Based on our own experience, we have developed a unique in the market Business Intelligence solution, thanks to which you will be able to check the status of all tickets in every possible context.

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